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Rawbots v 0.1.0 pre-alpha released!

Posted by javehdez in rawbots news, 07 May 2013 · 1,040 views


We have a huge update for you guys with a ton of cool new features. This update addresses a lot of the game features and enhancements you guys have been asking for since we launched a little over four months ago.


First, we’ve completely overhauled the old physics system...


Wireless transmitter & giant walker progress, still day#1

Posted by Bonfi96 in Bonfi96's builder diary, 03 May 2013 · 334 views

2013 05 03 16 04 31 rawbots  blueshift 2013 05 03 16 42 22 rawbots  blueshift

I had just fineshed to assemble one of the future walker's leg (yes, that's just a leg) using my new 3x3 giant elbow when suddenly I found myself in front of a really big problem. Do I have to move all the overlapping code, a lot of code, for each elbow I copy...


Rawbots Physics and Networking Progress

Posted by rozgo in Rawbots Development Blog, 07 March 2013 · 1,062 views

This is a quick update on the state of Rawbots, its physics and networking.

We are close to uploading a build with the latest and greatest physics engine, the new Bullet Physics engine, used in the most physics intensive games in the market. So far the results have been excellent and we can't wait to get you guys on the new system.

Unity Physics...

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