How should you as a senior choose food items?

How should you as a senior choose food items?

As you age older and reach age bracket of 65 you might need to carefully observe the food items you are picking for consumption. Always remember to take the right serving or portion of food items and carefully examine the food labels for the type of ingredients, the composition of food item and amount or quantity of each constituent. Remember too high or too low amount of any ingredient can result in serious consequences and how often you consume food, your living style or the intake per day or week can also lead to serious health concerns.

What is benefit of iron in old age?

Include iron rich food in your diet as it is one of most important ingredient and lack of iron source may cause lethargy and exhaustion. Lean red meat is the chief source of iron and both men and women over age of 65 should take 2 servings per day. Iron is also found in items such as peas, beans and lentis. Most noticeably liver is a chief source of iron however you must be careful in taking the right serving of Liver as it contains vitamin A and too much consumption can be harmful.

Why you should take calcium rich food?

Among all other food ingredients calcium is one of the most essential ingredient for old aged people as it helps in building strength in our bones and as we age our requirement for calcium also grows as our body may not receive adequate quantity of calcium from other food sources. It can also help us avoid problems such as osteoporosis. Calcium can be found in different food sources such as fresh vegetables including cabbage and broccoli, soya bean and tofu.

Avoid taking high salt items

Reduce consumption of high salt as too much salt can elevate your blood pressure posing you to serious problems such as cardiovascular heart diseases or stroke. Before you buy any food item from the market check the label for amount of salt it contains. Most food items already have salt in their recipe including cereals, bread and tinned soup and other kinds of processed foods. For 2020 get a medicare supplement plan @

Reduce intake of Vitamin A

Be careful with consumption of vitamin A as too much intake can lead to risk of bone fracture. Food items with high Vitamin A include liver, pate or fish liver oil. Avoid taking Liver more than once a week; also avoid taking any supplements which contain high amount of Vitamin A.