How to stay active at age 65 & above?

How to stay active at age 65 & above?

At age 65 or above do regular exercise to stay fit and in right shape, If you are not facing any physical mobility constraints or facing any major illness than you need to stay active and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

How should you manage your daily routine?

Perform any aerobic activity at least 30 minutes daily to maintain a healthy routine such as taking a brisk walk or cycling. Perform exercise that strengthens muscles at least two days in a week or more. Do work out for your arms, shoulders, legs, hips, chest and abdomen. Avoid sitting for longer period of time as long duration may pose risk to your health.

How to reduce risk of falling?

Some people at older age have higher tendency to fall due to weak legs or poor balance. Such people should do exercise to retain balance and work on improving reflexes. You may try yoga, ti-chi and dancing. Some of the exercise that people of age 65 and above may consider includes walking, doing water aerobics, line dancing, lifting light weights or developing habit of moving objects such as lawn mower. If you are a group of same age people you may consider playing volleyball.

How exercise helps your body?

When you perform moderate to vigorous exercise various organs stay active and mobilized raising your heart rate, breath rate making the body warm. If you have an athletic body and think your body can take more you can try sports such as singles tennis or short running exercise as this would build your stamina. Try swimming, hiking or classic martial arts moves. However always remember start on a slow pace and eventually increase your activity step by step.

Why is it important to strengthen muscles?

Maintaining your muscle strength is essential as it helps in development of strong bones, sustaining moderate blood pressure and regulating sugar level. Do keep an eye on 2020 comparisons for medicare advantage plans here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgyour weight counter while performing any muscle strengthening exercise.  Typically a muscle building exercise is counted as complete movement or repetitive activity such as bicep curl or a sit-up. You can exercise at any place whatever suits you be it a gym or your home. At home you can also try moving heavy loads such as groceries, stepping or jumping such as dancing. Consistent hobbies can also be helpful such as gardening which includes digging mud or shoveling.