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Airline travel tips for seniors
Airline travel tips for seniors

Travelling is the most sorted activity by the senior’s age group. Travel for seniors is growing these days as people being eager to explore the world and live the last phase of their life to the fullest. Seniors have a wide range of needs and requirement when they travel so travelling become a little uneasy for them sometimes. Travelling sometimes make hard on the body of a senior citizen. So, if you want to make your travel a little easier and comfortable then have a look at the article below on airline travel tips for seniors:

Pre-flight planning

To make your travel comfortable you can make a relevant plan before leaving for the airport like packing light. Check that you packed all the necessary documents and things you will require in the airport to go through the security. Travel for seniors will be more pleasant if you start it from your home by wearing comfortable clothes.

Get on wheels

Travel for seniors having a mobility issue is a great challenge. Therefore, the airline provides you with wheelchairs and carts. You can reserve a wheelchair at the airport and can easily pass through the security and customs.

Select flights and seats wisely

Always look for a direct flight to your destination. So, it is advised to book early to get a seat of your choice. Booking a direct flight will save your time and effort in changing different flights. If you have a special requirement of seats and flights than you can contact a travel agent for better access.

Download the official airline app

In this generation of technology, every airline has made a free to use the app for its use for various platforms like android and ios. You can use this app to check about the stay on top of the flight, gate changes, status, connection etc. Learn how 2019 medicare advantage plans can support your health while you travel.

Flight Fares

Most of the airlines offer a discount on senior citizen fares. However, this is rarely advertised. So before booking for flights please inquire about the senior fares and discount available. This will save your cash and senior fares also have greater flexibility. One of the major reasons an increase in travel for seniors are the discounts availability.

Carry your prescription along with medication

Always carry your medication in a large handbag rather than putting in luggage. You should always carry a doctor’s prescription in case of necessity you might show it.

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Senior tips for long haul flights
Senior tips for long haul flights

Travelling around the world going into trips has no age limits and when you talk about senior travelers they usually prefer to go to tours and enjoy their life to the fullest. They want to go and visit their favorite places. And for that they need to take some tips and be careful about how you plan to take the trip. Here are some tips on travel for seniors for long haul flights along with info on BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

Plan well and carefully (Travel for seniors)
Planning early is very necessary if you are going for a trip. The more you prepare before the more time you will get to think. Try to speak to as many travel agents as you can coz they will help you in planning your trip, they can help you in better accommodation and will give you a good fitness tips that you need for the tour.

Choose the best airline
Pick up the airline in which you want to travel very carefully because for a long haul fight you need to have all facilities, you do not want to end up having poor services in and out. Senior travelers do not want that poor accommodation that can be very tiring. So choose the airline carefully for your travel.

Keeping yourself hydrated
Long hauling fights are very tiring and low humidity happens to cause dehydration mostly in senior travelers. So if you want to keep you body hydrated drink water it will help you to remain hydrated and an advice for seniors is that they should keep at least a water bottle with them, it will be better if you keep 2 or more with you. “Travel for seniors” And avoid using alcohol and caffeine they dehydrate you faster. Another advice for senior travelers is that if they have any kind of skin problem bring moisturizers for your hands and face to keep their skin good.

Keep yourself active during fight
A best advice for senior travelers for long hauling flights is that, always keep yourself active and do not stay still for a long time it will stop your blood flow to your legs and its dangerous. Those who have heart diseases and circulatory problems should do some arm, leg and foot exercises on board to keep their blood flow normal.

Keep prescribed medication in your carry-on (Travel for seniors)
If you have any health issues and you are on a medication take the medicines with you. In any case you will need them, better stay prepared for the worse. It will be better for you to do a checkup before going out for tour. It is better to go for a tour with better care. So these are some travel for senior tips for a long haul fights I am sure it will help you. Try to take good care of yourself during a flight.

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10 ways to finance elderly home care
10 ways to finance elderly home care

As the population is rising, a large section of people are also attaining the age of 65 or more than that. With this increase in the old age population, majority of this population are hoping to age in their own homes. The demand for the health-care workers like nurses, caregivers etc. has shown tremendous growth for achieving the desire of ageing at home. To fulfil such desire, a big hurdle that is quite common amongst a large section of the people is the finance to these services. In this article we will share some tricks that can be very helpful in achieving such services without burning a hole in your pocket.

What is elderly home care?

It is evident from the name itself, It is the condition where a nurse or caregiver (licensed professional and physical therapist) join you as a companion and assist you in personal care such as washing and dressing and in addition to this, they can also help you in cooking, house work, taking you to the church and all the important aspects of your life. And for all these things they are paid.

How to finance elderly home care?

If you are an American citizen, ‘Medicaid’ is the best option for you. This is a scheme run by the USA. It helps with the medical cost of the people who are in the dearth of resources or have limited to resource. You can check the eligibility criteria and then apply for it if eligible.
Long -term care insurance: some insurer cover elderly home care so if you are already enrolled to long-term care insurance, ask your insurer if they cover home care.
Loan against your home equity: In USA, home equity line of credit (HELOC), a type of loan or credit card at low interest rate is provided where in borrowers are told the maximum amount that they can borrow. They can withdraw according to their needs.
Reverse Mortgage: It is a type of arrangement where in seniors take cash loan against their home’s equity. Bank makes payment in instalments as line of credit. This loan doesn’t have to be paid back until the last borrower passes away or moves from home for one year. Home is sold and the lender is paid back with interests.
Explore Veteran benefits: If your spouse had worked in armed forces then you might be eligible for veteran benefits.
Shifting to a cheaper place can help you in saving some amount that you can use in financing home care.
Get the appropriate care and right price i.e. if you are physically well and you don’t need 24×7 home care then you can opt for visiting home care.
Savings can help: if you have done pretty savings then you can utilize that for this purpose.
Take help from your family members: you can take help from your son or daughter in financing such services.
You can reduce extra amenities in order to have some extra cash for home care.
In this article we have shared how you can finance elderly home care. I hope, now you are acquainted with some important information about aarp medicare advantage plans available from https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/aarp-medicare-advantage-plans-2019/ and this would be very helpful in planning your decision for the elderly home care.

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How to fund travel for seniors trips of dreams?
How to fund travel for seniors trips of dreams?

After people are retired they usually think to go for travelling. But when you think of fixed and reduced income in retirement thinking about travel can be hopeless. But actually you do not need to be hopeless you just need to do some planning on saving money for your travels. And for that there are a lot of ways in which you can save your money even in retirement. Here are some tips that will help you to save money.

Always do your research about your travel for seniors places. The more you know about them the more you are tend to save your money before and after the planning. So check about the best deals in the place available and try to reserve tickets as early as possible coz this saves your money as the prices will be cheaper. Sunday is the best day to buy tickets and Friday is the most expensive, so keep these things in knowledge.

Be flexible
Control your ego and try to be more flexible about dates and destination. Firstly you do not have to brag about your dates like if you want to go to a certain destination try to book tickets early and do not rush about it coz probably if you will rush to buy tickets on a certain date it will be much higher than the one you would prefer to buy early. So always be flexible in dealing with things.

Visit affordable places
If you cannot afford a higher travel for seniors place, try to go to a place more affordable pace that will be in your budget. Visit a more comfortable place like Portugal, Greece, Peru, Guatemala, Thailand and Cambodia. These places cost less and are good to visit. If your country has strong currency you have an advantage in terms of money your currency will be of more value than theirs.

Home swap
If you are visiting a place where some of your friends of relatives are living you can ask them if they can stay at their house for some days. This way you will not have to pay for rent and by the way not to forget it will be a family reunion. So try to think about it.

Start saving now
You need to start saving from now. You do not have to wait for days or months just start saving and planning from now nor to get 2019 medicare advantage plans So these are some tips that will help you in saving for your travel for seniors dreams.

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Things to consider before travelling
Things to consider before travelling

Travelling is a fun activity for all ages of people. Whether you are an elderly personality, an adult or a teen travelling fills every heart with excitement and joy. Growing old doesn’t make your life to slow down. Exploring the world doesn’t require any age differentiation. Travel for seniors is an important aspect of their life in making remarkable experiences and moments of joy to carry along the long life ahead. Every senior citizen must consider the followings things before leaving or making a plan for travel.

Managing cash

One of the most important things to consider is having sufficient cash. Senior citizens or people above 65 years of age must pool their money in a bank to get easy to access with security. Before travelling you must check that your destination has a proper facility for payments like ATM etc. It is recommended to withdraw money from your respective bank’s ATM to avoid paying extra charges. If you are travelling abroad then you must check out the official website of the airport to locate the nearest ATM. Many banks and credit card companies keep track of your spending and may interpret your unexpected purchase abroad as a fraud.


Travel or tourism is mostly affected by the weather. The weather has both a positive and negative effect on travelling. Travel for seniors is generally planned according to the weather pattern. A weather forecast can help you with your packing strategy. If you fail to check the weather forecast than you might have to suffer a little. Travel for seniors is mostly driven by the weather pattern as they are the most affected by the change in weather and susceptible to seasonal illness.

Plan your first and last day

Senior citizens must always make out a plan for the first day as most of the time is lost in logistics and new surroundings. Planning ahead will help in making up your mind for the best places to visit and check in without confusion and getting 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans It is recommended to people to plan your last day of the travel as you might forget some of your precious belonging at the destination. You must collect all your necessary documents, keys, cash for tools and taxi that you may require at your home town.


Travel for seniors would become much happier and easy if you keep in mind these things. Travel for seniors is important in fulfilling the desires of people and government is also providing facilities and organising tours for them.

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How to stay active at age 65 & above?
How to stay active at age 65 & above?

At age 65 or above do regular exercise to stay fit and in right shape, If you are not facing any physical mobility constraints or facing any major illness than you need to stay active and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

How should you manage your daily routine?

Perform any aerobic activity at least 30 minutes daily to maintain a healthy routine such as taking a brisk walk or cycling. Perform exercise that strengthens muscles at least two days in a week or more. Do work out for your arms, shoulders, legs, hips, chest and abdomen. Avoid sitting for longer period of time as long duration may pose risk to your health.

How to reduce risk of falling?

Some people at older age have higher tendency to fall due to weak legs or poor balance. Such people should do exercise to retain balance and work on improving reflexes. You may try yoga, ti-chi and dancing. Some of the exercise that people of age 65 and above may consider includes walking, doing water aerobics, line dancing, lifting light weights or developing habit of moving objects such as lawn mower. If you are a group of same age people you may consider playing volleyball.

How exercise helps your body?

When you perform moderate to vigorous exercise various organs stay active and mobilized raising your heart rate, breath rate making the body warm. If you have an athletic body and think your body can take more you can try sports such as singles tennis or short running exercise as this would build your stamina. Try swimming, hiking or classic martial arts moves. However always remember start on a slow pace and eventually increase your activity step by step.

Why is it important to strengthen muscles?

Maintaining your muscle strength is essential as it helps in development of strong bones, sustaining moderate blood pressure and regulating sugar level. Do keep an eye on 2020 comparisons for medicare advantage plans here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgyour weight counter while performing any muscle strengthening exercise. Typically a muscle building exercise is counted as complete movement or repetitive activity such as bicep curl or a sit-up. You can exercise at any place whatever suits you be it a gym or your home. At home you can also try moving heavy loads such as groceries, stepping or jumping such as dancing. Consistent hobbies can also be helpful such as gardening which includes digging mud or shoveling.

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How should you as a senior choose food items?
How should you as a senior choose food items?

As you age older and reach age bracket of 65 you might need to carefully observe the food items you are picking for consumption. Always remember to take the right serving or portion of food items and carefully examine the food labels for the type of ingredients, the composition of food item and amount or quantity of each constituent. Remember too high or too low amount of any ingredient can result in serious consequences and how often you consume food, your living style or the intake per day or week can also lead to serious health concerns.

What is benefit of iron in old age?

Include iron rich food in your diet as it is one of most important ingredient and lack of iron source may cause lethargy and exhaustion. Lean red meat is the chief source of iron and both men and women over age of 65 should take 2 servings per day. Iron is also found in items such as peas, beans and lentis. Most noticeably liver is a chief source of iron however you must be careful in taking the right serving of Liver as it contains vitamin A and too much consumption can be harmful.

Why you should take calcium rich food?

Among all other food ingredients calcium is one of the most essential ingredient for old aged people as it helps in building strength in our bones and as we age our requirement for calcium also grows as our body may not receive adequate quantity of calcium from other food sources. It can also help us avoid problems such as osteoporosis. Calcium can be found in different food sources such as fresh vegetables including cabbage and broccoli, soya bean and tofu.

Avoid taking high salt items

Reduce consumption of high salt as too much salt can elevate your blood pressure posing you to serious problems such as cardiovascular heart diseases or stroke. Before you buy any food item from the market check the label for amount of salt it contains. Most food items already have salt in their recipe including cereals, bread and tinned soup and other kinds of processed foods. For 2020 get a medicare supplement plan @ https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/

Reduce intake of Vitamin A

Be careful with consumption of vitamin A as too much intake can lead to risk of bone fracture. Food items with high Vitamin A include liver, pate or fish liver oil. Avoid taking Liver more than once a week; also avoid taking any supplements which contain high amount of Vitamin A.

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How to live healthy choosing a sea food at age of 65?
How to live healthy choosing a sea food at age of 65?

According to a recent research if you eat at least two portions of oily fish in a week it may prolong your lifespan by up to two years. Fish should be essential in your diet when you have aged 65 or above and may need to consider few very important tips.

Eating fish with fatty acid

At age 65 you should include fish in your diet as some types of oily fishes contain fatty acids such as Omega 3 which is good for you heart and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 35 percent. People at old age need to take at least 500 mg of Omega 3 every day and if someone is facing heart disease than they should take around 800 to 1,000 mg of Omega 3 fatty acid on regular basis. Fatty acid is also helpful in preventing brain shrinkage that usually occurs as people get older. According to a recent research old aged people consuming fish on regular basis have less chances of dementia. Fish types such as herring, tuna and mackerel are best source of fatty acids.

How should you treat fish before eating?

Sushi having raw fish is fine as long as fish has been first frozen before serving. Fishes may contain tiny parasitic worms or microorganisms such as bacteria that can make you feel ill. As you freeze a fish it kills most of the worms making it safe to consume. Sushi available in market should be safe to consume as when storekeepers purchase them they freeze it in storage. Either you are at your home or somewhere else make sure fish is stored in freezer for at least 4 days.

How does fish help with better memory?

At age 65 and above people consuming fish on regular basis tend to have better memory. Evidently by consuming fish, higher amount of grey matter develops in brain areas which are associated with memory and other brain areas which are associated with cognition. Some other factors which account for healthier brain include consumption of baked or broiled fish. Get 2020 medicare supplement rates at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/

What types of fishes should you avoid?

Carefully choose what kind of sea food you are consuming. Most importantly avoid Oysters. Some raw shellfish such as crab, prawns, clams and mussels contain harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Shellfishes such as lobster, crabs, calms and scallops may contain harmful bacteria or viruses. Make sure shellfish or prawns are always properly cooked.